Friday, February 13, 2004

A few things that make me want to commit murder:
1. Driving through Hollywood - any time, any day.
2. The 15-20 minutes spent trying to find (free street) parking around the USC campus.
3. The millennium it takes for my dial-up to refresh its page.
4. When automated phone systems change their prompts and foil my attempt to bypass that woman's sweet melodic voice.
5. When people make a right turn into the left lane or a left turn into the right lane - sometimes I want to smash into their car to teach this valuable lesson.

It occurs to me that three of the five involve driving. Must be because driving my 1992 junk bucket causes instantaneous nausea. This year, it has decided to overheat on a weekly basis. Last year, it was the random loss of control over the manual transmission. It's quite a thrill to be going 70mph down an off-ramp when you can't, for the life of you, get out of 5th gear. I've actually gotten used to the sweet cinnamon-y smell of coolant boiling on the cylinder head once it has leaked from a busted hose. Let me tell you, a new hose costs all of $4.60. I have yet to pay less than $165.00 to get the job done. Perhaps I should drop out of school and become a mechanic - I'd be assured a 500% increase in income.
Now, I must respond to T-money's previous blogs:
I like the word "jugs"
Also, the jury is out on Tamara's "pregnancy"
Ever since a girl from my high school returned from a Mexican vacation in the spring of 1991 claiming to have "a big rib cage" whenever anyone inquired as to the reason behind her sudden increase in girth, I have become suspect of any and all trips to Mexico. Needless to say, the girl gave birth to twins some months later. T-money returned from Mexico two weeks ago. I'm waiting out the next 34 weeks.....

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