Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I am losing my mind. I'm serious. Really. 12 years of private school, 4.5 years of out-of-state tuition, and $100K of grad school - all down the drain. It's actually scary. Today, I got an email from a new friend that mentioned a brief conversation we had yesterday on the telephone. I don't recall said conversation. I cannot remember even turning on my phone yesterday. I was working morning, noon, and night. Come to think of it, I didn't even bring my phone with me. I couldn't have turned it on if I wanted to. But I supposedly chatted with this gentleman for a few seconds, got another call, and told him that I would call him back. What am I gonna do? Deny it? Get into a fistfight about it? I just apologized and wondered why I am losing my mind. First of all, I never do that - you know, hang up on the first call if another comes in. That's what the "reject" button is for. You've all been rejected at one time or another. It's only fair. So I had an imaginary conversation on my imaginary telephone. Lock me up and send me to the funny farm. estoy loco.

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