Friday, February 20, 2004

I love commas. Sometimes, I, put, them, into, sentences, where they, don't even, belong. I also like the dash - it's a staple of emails. Quotation marks I don't get. Do you put the punctuation inside or outside of them when they occur at the end of a sentence? I can never remember, and both ways look weird to me. I like to curse. "Bitches" is my current favorite. It's not just a description for a group of mean girls or a pack of momma dogs. I like to use "bitches" in place of "darn" or "damnit". Like "I bounced a check today. Bitches." or "The water is turned off in my apartment right now and I have to go to the bathroom. Bitches." You try. It's fun. "Jerk-off" makes me giggle. I can't say it with a straight face. I also throw in a "dirtbag" every once in a while - for nostalgic effect.

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