Monday, February 16, 2004

I love having houseplants, but hate watering them. I like eating off of dishes, but hate washing them. I like the scent of clean clothes, but hate trying to shove them all into my oversized laundrybag, dragging the bodybag down the stairs, punching it until it fits into my clown-car, driving to the coin-op on the corner, breaking a sweat pulling it out of the car, being asked for change by the local vagrant as I huff and puff under the strain of my own clothes, tossing them into the $3.00 washer only to have my favorite jammie pants come out with this faint red stain on one leg that I swear is a result of the wash and not of the fertility goddess. I love a clean room, but cannot seem to finish sorting through the old pile of papers on my desk before a new one is born.
BTW, T$ - I just watered your damn plant. Thanks for reminding me.

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