Wednesday, February 25, 2004

So, I've been neglecting the blog lately. I have a good excuse - I've been working on all the random crap that goes along with finishing my film as well as working a bit on Eric's set. Now, I realize that James and Ron are also on Eric's set and have been for more days than I have worked, but (and you're not going to like me after I say this...) being a grip takes a whole lot more out of a person than working in sound. I feel like I am justified in saying this because I've done both jobs. Now, you guys work just as hard, but with different muscles. Let's just say, sound is the brains of the operation and grips are the brawn. My back hurts, my arms burn, and I think I grew an extra muscle in my ass. And why do they call the 35-pound sandbags "ball-busters"? I had to carry four of them at once yesterday, I don't have balls, so something else in me must be busted.....

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