Thursday, March 04, 2004

Crazy Eyes is broken. The pigeons have no fear. I have to go out and buy me a can of whoop-ass.

Also, I must rant about our crazy neighbor. I hear she's in witness protection, so I am actually a little bit afraid of her, but she has to stop feeding the stray cats who hang out behind our garage. I don't know what to do to help the stray cats. I admit it, their kittens are cute, but every couple of nights I wake to the sound of a kitten wail. One more dead kitty - at the jaws of one of our local coyotes. I do live in a large metropolitan city, don't I? It's true, coyotes trot courageously down the middle of my street. Cars avoid them, I cross to the other side, but some local dogs may wish to go a round or two. I remember walking my friend's dog last summer and stumbling upon a coyote in our path. He looked at us, we looked at him; he was only 10 feet away from us standing in the middle of the street. I silently begged Tyler, the dog, to shut up. My eyes fixed on the source of my terror, I slowly backed away with Tyler. I felt the urge to whistle a tune and look up to the sky. Do you think coyotes understand comedy? No one got mauled. Now I don't take Tyler with me on my nightly walk to the Sev.

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