Saturday, March 20, 2004

I did tussle with a teenager. I am ashamed to admit it. Let me preface this little story by setting the scene more clearly. So, we park the car in a lot next to the Roxy. The parking attendant tells us that the garage closes at 2:30am. We say, "No problem." Then, he makes it a point to stop us as we're walking away. He says, "I'll stay open until 3:15am for you, if you'd like." T$ shakes her head. I'm weirded out. We are stone-cold sober.
We turn the corner, and there it is. The mob of teenagers. It's like being in Chucky Cheese. You could smell the insecurity in the air. It is contagious. I feel stupid for being there. I'm 12 years older than the average fan.

[Now, I use the term "fan" rather lightly. AW started corresponding with a few young (read: illegal) girls on the internet for the sake of research. (I think.) They told AW about this band. AW got all girly excited about going to this show at the Roxy. I went along with the plan. I actually enjoy awkwardness. If the possibility for embarrassment is high, I'm in!]

So, I'm standing in line at the box office to purchase our $12.00 tickets, when a young boy approaches me. He's dancing around like he has to pee. He says, "Let me cut?" It's not really a question, really. This 15 year old is trying to push me around. I give him my best look of disdain. He pleads, "I'm with the band." This gives me a laugh. Then, he pulls out all the stops. "I'm their manager. I have to go in RIGHT NOW." I roll my eyes and step up to the box office window. He retreats in defeat.
So, that's the story. I know I should have been the bigger person, but I got caught up in the teenaged world for just a moment. When asked what band we were there to see, I did lie. I looked at the flyer taped to the door and said, "The Revelators." Too bad that was a teenaged band as well.

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