Sunday, March 07, 2004

Now Tamara and I both have a crush on The Anonymous Blogger. But here's an easy way to settle the score:

1. Are you British or can you do a convincing British accent? (If yes, T$ is your girl.)

2. Do you appear short in person? (If yes, you're mine - I'm 5'4")

3. Do you make noises with your mouth when you chew? (This one won't fly with T$. It sometimes makes me want to poke my eyes out, but I think I'm slightly more tolerant on this point.)

4. Do you know all the words to Disney's "Part of Your World"? (If yes, T$ will eat you up!)

5. Are you willing to bake Wes' chocolate chip cheese cookies and serve them in bed? (T$ will turn up her nose, but I say 'bring it')

Simple enough? We live together so there's no sense in fighting over a boy. Our tastes are different enough to avoid this conflict, but I once had a roommate in PA who shared my exact taste in members of the opposite sex. Instead of getting into a disagreement about it, we'd make it into a little adventure that we shared. It was fun, and the boys got 2x the love. That is, until the final decision was made - anything beyond that is too weird for lil' old me.

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