Tuesday, March 16, 2004

There was this couple fighting across the street tonight. T$ was staring at the spectacle. I was afraid to be serial killed so I remained concealed behind our tree. I admit, I was as interested in the content of the conversation as she was, but I'm a scaredy cat.
So I bought new skin care products in as effort to a) rid myself of the fish-shaped (or Jersey-shaped) scar on my temple caused by those wretched bed spiders and b) fend off the effects of a hard-lived 20s existence. Now I have two zits on my face. So much for the "skin care" since I rarely ever breakout under normal neglectful circumstances.
Waller turned 29 today. I find it interesting that he accuses me of being 40 years old when he himself is in fact only 4 (count 'em four) months younger than me. I must just be so much more mature, responsible, and quite a bit more sane than all the rest of them.....(stop laughing T$).....
Speaking of T$, she's turning into a crazy gardening lady. We have more seeds than a once fallow field could hold, and today I swear I had to pry her little fingers off of a five piece patio set complete with an oversized umbrella. I was tempted by a few hanging lanterns but only purchased an ocean scented candle for the front porch. Oh, and two pots for my english daisies. I walked right past the space on the shelf once occupied by our own Crazy Eyes and had to stop myself from kicking all of his friends. Stupid pigeons.

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