Wednesday, March 03, 2004

You all know my problem with pigeons. Well, I'm singing a happy tune because of a recent BRILLIANT purchase - old "evil eye" owl. I'll affectionately refer to him as "Crazy Eyes" from now on.
T$ and I took a little trip to our favorite strip mall in Burbank. She wanted to pick up some crafts at Michael's. I didn't make fun of her. And I wanted to pick out a new shade of pink to paint my bedroom walls. The walls are blue now, and I just realized that my bedrooms have always been a shade of either blue or yellow throughout my life (except for the college apartments that would cost you the entire security deposit if you ever dared slap paint on a wall). Pink is for little girls. I'm turning 30 this year, so I guess I'm trying to reclaim my youth. Anyway, while in Lowe's Home and Garden, we ventured into the potted plant section. Actually, T$ was interested in the flowers, I was interested in death. Death to all spiders crawling in my bed! Death to the pigeons cooing on my roof! After picking up a can of Hot Shot Spider Killer, I went looking for something to take care of the pigeons. And there it was! It totally freaked me out! Old Crazy Eyes was warning me to stay back! He's a big plastic owl with yellow shiny eyes and he looks mean. Seriously, I couldn't look straight at him. I made T$ pick him up and put him in the cart.
So, Crazy Eyes has joined our porch fun. He's hanging there as a beacon to all passers-by, "These women are old and ornery!"
I can't wait until an unsuspecting pigeon tries to perch on the porch......... I'm gonna go out there right now and wait for 'em.......

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