Monday, April 26, 2004

Catcalls. really? Are we living in the 1940's? Don't you think us girls have outgrown the need for catcalls? Better yet, wouldn't you think construction unions would grow tired of the stereotype? This morning as we were driving to school, T$ and I were stopped at a light. An apartment building sits half-erected on our right. As do two construction workers. Now, they are about 30 feet away from our car. That's right, our car. How much of a person is in view from that distance when they are sitting in a car? My chin. My ponytail. T$'s neck, chin, and ponytail. (She's taller) I mean, I'd understand it if we were walking across the street. Boobs sometimes garner a catcall. (Sometimes a "God Bless America," as you well know) Chins do not.

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