Friday, April 09, 2004

I took a joyride to Burbank today. Actually, I went up to Fry's Electronics to purchase some ethernet cable. Yes, that's right, today became DSL installation day the moment I couldn't seem to make any headway on my movie credits (see below). So I drive up there. Have you ever been to Fry's? I love it. Perhaps I should have dressed down for the occasion since the skirt and heels ensemble was a bit out of place there. Anyway, I go straight to the cable aisle (thanks to JB for the handy map!) and pick up two different lengths of ethernet cable - one for me and one for T$. Then, I swing by the CD-R aisle and picked up a bulk pack of CD-R's and cases. (Dude. The sound window is ripping me off with their buck-a-CD!) I also grab a BNC adapter for J Dz since he asked me to pick him up something special, and what says love more than BNC? On to the story.....I get in line to checkout. There's this lady on a ladder directing you to the next checkout. It's kinda like the monitor at the bank that points you to the next available teller. At this point I should tell you that there are about 40 people working behind the checkout counter. Many are chatting, some are working, others are biting their nails. I am directed to cashier number 15. I go to #15. Some dude cuts the huge checkout line and steps in front of me. The cashier blatantly ignores him and starts to ring my items up. Eventually, the line-cutter wanders away. I have 5 items - bulk pak CD-R's, bulk pak cases, BNC adapter, 2 ethernet cables. The cashier rings four of the items up. She points at the longest ethernet cable. "This doesn't have a price on it," she states. She hands it to me. I stand there. She looks up, "Do you still want it?" The question catches me off guard. I picked it up off the shelf, right? I carried it all the way to the checkout, right? I placed it on the counter with the rest of my merchandise, right? What in this scenario makes this lady think that I no longer want to purchase the item? I nod. "Well, there's no price marked on it," she adds. "I still want to purchase it," I confirm. She looks at me squarely, "But there's no price on it. I don't know how much it costs." Is it me, or is this not my problem? I remind you that there are about 40 people standing around behind her all "working" at the Fry's Electronics. Can't somebody look up the price? I'm sure there's a SKU number on the item. A big book of prices, maybe? Somebody can pick up a phone and page the guy working in the cable aisle to ask for the price. Better yet, Nail Biter behind you can walk on over to the cable aisle and look for the price. None of these thoughts cross the cashier's mind. Finally, I say, "I'll go back and check the price." And she says, "Well, I'll have to void this transaction to take another customer, and you'll have to get back in line." Can I give this woman the finger? Instead, I say, "Forget it. I'll just take the other items." I finish the transaction and get the hell out of there. Long story short - T$, I was unable to secure a long ethernet cable for you today. Believe me, I tried. Stupid Fry's employee.

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