Friday, April 09, 2004

Nobody knows anything! This morning started out with the simple quest of calling CIC (Continental Imaging Company) to inquire about their hours of operation today - since it's Good Friday, and I'm not sure if religious holidays require a day off anymore. Christmas is a given, but people work during Hanukkah, or is it Chanukah? Do you get the day off for Passover? Is Los Angeles primarily Jewish or Christian? Does anyone celebrate anything anymore? These are all questions to which I don't have the answers. Anyway, I looked in the LA 411 for CIC's number. Not there. I called 411. The operator didn't have it. I looked it up online in both the Yahoo yellow pages and a Google search. Nada. Finally, I called SPO. Nothing. While I was on the phone with the dude from SPO I asked, "Do you have the Clairmont Camera and Dolby Digital logos?" The dude said, "No. You would think we would have them." You think? I think! Why is it ultimately impossible to get anything accomplished in this god-forsaken town?!?!

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