Saturday, April 10, 2004

Warning to you all: I am blogging drunk....
Saw "Hellboy" tonight. It was awesome! Now, JB has expressed that it sucked. I know what he means - the dialogue is awkward, the whole "you have a choice" thing is so after school special, and the 3rd act makes no sense. But, dear friend JB, SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF. It's a comic book that pokes fun at itself! The serpent thing is queer - not gay queer, but dumb queer. I had fun watching it. It was funny. Anyway, we went to Boardner's afterward. I love that old man bar. I cannot tell you what ha[ppened next because I'm still in a state of shock and I think my ass is going to get kicked and I didn't even do aything.....I'm going to bed now.

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