Tuesday, April 06, 2004

We were sitting around discussing the inevitable fact that our apartment could crumble to the ground beneath our feet. I mean, every time I take a shower I plan an escape route in the event that the tub goes crashing through to the apartment below. I'd hate to fall naked on top of my downstairs neighbor. Actually, that might be funny. So, the convo got around to, "If the apartment caught on fire, what would you try to save?" T$ answered, "My computer......and my bed." Now, the thought of Tamara, mattress slung over her back, dragging the thing down the stairs while the apartment burns to the ground is enough to send me into a fit of giggles.
hee. hee.
Okay. I thought. And thought. "The box full of old film projects and my box of pictures," I finally answered. As for the rest of the stuff - GOOD RIDDANCE. bed? see ya. couches? see ya. computer? don't let the door hit you on the way out. clothes? burn in hell. The way I see it, a tremendous house fire would clean up my rubble of a life. I'd start over from scratch....catch you later Los Angeles!

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