Monday, May 31, 2004

My friends are the best. Seriously. When I think back over the course of my life, I really must conclude that there have been so many wonderful people sharing it with me. I forgot about most of them for a few years there, but I'm glad that they never forgot about me. So, thank you dear ones. [Dude. I'm seriously getting misty here.]

1. Thanks Tamara - For being a downright awesome pal and roommate. You took me to get my hair done on my birthday and waited for like 9 hours. You care about me when I'm sad. You never say, "I told you so." even though you are right most of the time. You drive me places when my car is ill. You have a knack for knowing when to keep your opinion to yourself and when to let me know what's on your mind. You've never said, "Snap out of it!" even when the situation really calls for it.

2. Thanks Mels - For being so wise. You have a gift for putting things into perspective, and you always do it with a lot of care. You are thoughtful. You were the first person to volunteer your time to produce our movie, and you didn't complain when things got really tough.

3. Thanks Elliott - For making me laugh. Whether it's a knife-wielding ancient man or a back-woods horror movie plot complete with dirt bike riders and underwear, you always come up with something that really gets me giggling.

4. Thanks LH - For the intervention. You put yourself on the line there and ended up showing me what true friendship is made of. It touches my heart that you and SG really care about my well being. Thanks for always extending an invitation to dinner too. Home-cooked meals are the best!

5. Thanks JB - For just about everything. You don't mind it when I act crazy. You solve my computer problems. You are always there to provide an answer or opinion. You have a lot of respect for people and I love that about you.

6. Thanks Waller - For not getting mad that you are sixth on this list - (seriously, it's stream of consciousness writing so don't get offended.) You know that the horse voice is funny. You helped me make prank phone calls and then only mildly rolled your eyes when I was afraid that I was going to get arrested for it. You invite me to join you at the beach, your friends' houses, and to New Years parties. You are sensitive, just like me, so I know that you'll understand exactly what I mean when I get all philosophical about life.

7. I'm not sure if the rest of y'all read the blog, so here's a group thanks to: Sus, Kim, JoJo, Lynn, Lori, Waz, Kuntzer, Grit, Crazy, Jen, Rocko, Kevbo, Joanne, Wendy, and Tina for sending your love.

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