Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Our impending graduation has filled me with graduation nostalgia. On four other occasions, I have donned the old cap and gown.
1. Kindergarten Graduation - The cap and gown were light blue. I had a Dorothy Hamill haircut. My brother was an aspiring photographer, so I have some really cool black and whites from that day. In most of the photos, I am caught with my little eye up to the rolled-up diploma. I think I was trying to read it without actually opening it. I was damn cute back then.
2. Eighth Grade Graduation - We sang "The Search is Over" by Survivor and "Honestly" by Stryper. The cap and gown were white. I wore big turquoise enamel earrings. I had braces and a bad perm. Popularity in High School here I come....
3. High School Graduation - We wore white again. I remember screaming "Yippee!" a million times as I was walking around the circle in front of the school for the processional. I wore something floral and tacky. The braces were off and the hair was growing out. I couldn't wait to leave home for college. The quote underneath my yearbook photo was, "There's a place up ahead I'm going...Leave this sinking ship behind. CCR" I got the award for "school spirit" or something like that.
4. Undergrad College Graduation - The cap and gown were black. My university held graduation three times per year. I had my ceremony in December. All of the graduates sat in the newly constructed basketball stadium. When each of our colleges were announced, we all rose to our feet together and flipped our tassels from one side to the other. Later that night, a group of about 15 people climbed on top of the statue of our mascot and took photos by the light from our cars' headlights. I was excited about my upcoming move to California, so there was no time for sadness and reflection.

So, this will be Number 5. The cap and gown are black. We have this brown hood to wear. My whole world feels like it's changing, more so now than ever before. Like I said, I'm feeling a wee bit nostalgic.

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