Monday, May 24, 2004

So, I'm waiting down here for GlennGarry GlennGalster to drive me home. Rocko came up to me earlier today and said, "You've got to get a new car." No shit. Who of you out there is willing to be my sugar daddy? From the looks of it, I either have to get me one or actually sell some of my "intellectual property" soon in order to afford a new car. Rocko and Head Engineer were also discussing the fact that girls can sleep their way to the top in this business. Really now, WHO DOES THAT SHIT?!? Seriously. I don't know of one lady who would behave that way. It truly amazes me that those types of girls even exist.

Maybe I'm just a little too naive. Or too much of a romantic. Some of this "adult world" stuff really does blow my mind. Whatever happened to "playing nice" and "sharing" and "using your words" and countless other things that we were taught as children? When did everyone start lying to each other and manipulating situations for their own benefit? Is there some other set of rules for adult behavior that I haven't been given a copy of? If there is, I don't want 'em....

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