Monday, May 17, 2004

T$'s post made me giggle and reminisce about the summer I spent living with my sister in Atlanta. She was 5 months pregnant, and we were itching to do something one weekend. That Saturday, we left her husband at home and took off for a girl day. First stop - lunch at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Buckhead. Dude. That shit is good. Then, we were off to the Atlanta History Museum. After walking around for a while by ourselves pushing all the little buttons next to the displays so that this really deep voice could provide audio commentary on what you were studying, we met back up to discuss what was cool and what wasn't. "There certainly were a lot of fires," one of us noted. "Yeah," the other agreed. Then, we sat down in one of those little side rooms to view a film on Atlanta's history. It was like a trailer for a disaster movie. "Downtown was rebuilt. THEN THE FIRES CAME. It was rebuilt again. THERE WAS FIRE. Then, Atlanta had her renaissance. ATLANTA BURNED TO THE GROUND." It was too much. My sister and I got the church giggles and had to excuse ourselves from the screening.

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