Tuesday, July 20, 2004

To Catch You All Up.....

Here's a list of things I have either a) Done, b) Been Accused of Doing, or c) Been Presented With As An Option over the course of this weekend:

1. Eating a delicious turkey burger at Elliot's BBQ.
2. Cockblocking.
3. Singing "I Love Rock and Roll" at the craziest karaoke bar I've ever seen.
4. Having a Three-some [don't gasp - see (c) above]
5. Smoking a Big J.
6. Wondering what the hell is going on during 6 Feet Under.
7. Watching I Heart the 90s with a tear in my eye.
8. Doing Laundry [oh wait, that didn't happen...]

When do I have to start being a grown-up?

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