Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Watch Your Back, Man.

I swear this gal at work is out to get me.  First of all, she was the one involved in the oh so uncomfortable perhaps-this-could-turn-into-a-threesome-romp on Friday night.  I discreetly declined and got the hell out of there.  Then, she asks me to help her with this script that's due first thing tomorrow morning.  She begs for my help at 6 o'clock.  6 pm.  Almost closing time.  I agree, not knowing how much work it really is.......so now it's 11pm.  I'm on Act 3.  Out of 5 Acts.  I'll be here all night.  Bitches.  You never can trust women, you know?  She must be punishing me for turning her and the to-remain-nameless-boy-who-I-used-to-call-a-friend down on Friday night.  Whatever.

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