Monday, August 23, 2004

Open Book

What is it about telling people my whole life story? Seriously. If you've got a sec, I'll start in with the stories. And we're not talking the "I grew up in Jersey" type of stories, we're talking the "and then I accidentally knocked her teeth out " or "so there we were carrying this piece of chicken around town" kinds of stories. The mindless ones. The ones that make no sense to anyone else but crack me up at the thought of telling them. Doubled over have to pee my pants stories. I told a few today. Did anybody want to hear them? I'm not sure actually. I told them anyway.

I'm quite broken up about missing the Tom Jones. I've got all these panties and no place to toss 'em. Perhaps I'll take to tossing them at T$ whenever she enters the living room. She's napping right now. Maybe I'll hit her with a pair as soon as she gets up. That'll teach her to go anywhere without me.

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