Saturday, February 19, 2005

Right in the eye!

There are many liquids you don't want getting in your eye. Hot Sauce in the eye burns like hell. Lemon juice makes you want to pull your eye out and suck on it for a while. All you dirty minds out there can come up with another example on your own. But today, I got the absolute very worst thing in my eye to date: ICKY LA FREEWAY RAINWATER KICKED UP BY THE REAR TIRE OF A MATTRESS DELIVERY TRUCK.

I'll take the blame for having my window down a crack in the rain, but that dude passed me so fast that the spray from his tire rushed into my window like high tide. The entire left side of my body was instantly soaked, and I spent the next few minutes trying to keep my car on the road with one eye closed doing the seated "I got something funny in my eye" dance. Can you contract hepatitis from LA freeway water?

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