Saturday, March 12, 2005

3 weeks ahead of the curve

Dammmit. T$ and I went to the mall. I love the mall - blame it on my Jersey roots. T$ and the mall have a 2 hour expiration date, so we tend to race through stores when we shop together. In the blur of Rampage, Black Market, Arden B and Nordstom's, it was abundantly clear that we were 3 weeks ahead of the fashion curve. You see, one Saturday upon a time we went to these very same stores in search of a shrug or a caplet to top off T$'s award show dress. We searched and searched - asked every sales person we saw. No dice. But TODAY - shrugs a plenty, caplets crammed down our throats! Bitches.

BTW - I bought nothing but combo #2 at McDonalds. That's all $4.34 buys these days.....

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