Saturday, March 26, 2005

Let the Meat Tour begin

Ever since T$ opted out of the vegetarian lifestyle, we've had a few key meat-loving experiences on our list of things to do. Last night at 2:30 in the morning, we finally crossed one off the list. If you live in Los Angeles, you MUST go to PINK's. At least once.
I don't know how the subject of hot dogs actually came up. JH, T$ and I were sitting around a table in the little attic room at the Red Lion. A raucous crowd was singing in the corner. In German. Or Swedish. We don't know, but the whole experience reminded T$ of being in an Eastern European youth hostel. For a moment, we pretended we were on holiday in Prague. Then our minds turned to sausage. And to a late night visit to PINK's. "You mean you haven't been there?" T$ and I had not. I've been living here for over eight years, seven of which on the east side - no PINK's. I blame part of this on the fact that I had an out-of-body experience for most of my early twenties that resulted in my being a hermit for many years and part of the blame lies with the Del Taco on Los Feliz Blvd that is just so damned convenient and has a 24 hour drive-thru.
My god, the line. We roll up to the best little hot dog stand on La Brea. And. The. Line. Is. Enormous. There are stanchions and chains - like we're waiting to get on Space Mountain or something. The upside to that long of a line is the time you get to stare at the menu. Two hot dogs wrapped in a burrito with bacon, pastrami, swiss cheese, tomatoes and sauerkraut. My god. The choices. I settle on "The Mulholland Drive" - 10 inch hot dog with grilled onions, mushrooms, nacho cheese and bacon. You have to take this shit seriously if you're going to PINK's. T$ chooses "The Martha Stewart" - 10 inch hot dog with mustard, relish, sauerkraut, bacon and sour cream. Hold the tomatoes. All we keep hearing is, "Ten inches! That's huge."
We order a side of cheese fries as well.
Wow. The sight of those dogs and their toppings made my mouth water. I was immediately jealous of T$'s selection, but she let me take a bite. Man. Both concoctions were goooooood. Oh, we will go back. And wait in that line. And order the 10-inchers again. I may get "The Martha Stewart" next time. With a side of cheese fries.

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