Wednesday, March 23, 2005

To My Beloved DSL,

Where have you gone? Please come back to me. I've been waiting...umm...two days for dial up to download the software I need to make Final Cut Pro work. I have a job to do. Yes. We will quite possibly make rent this month. That is, if the godforsaken QuickTime update ever finishes downloading in time for me to meet my deadline.
In your absence, oh sweet DSL, I have broken the coffee maker and spilled cheese on the living room rug. Had you been here all along, I bet you I'd be done with my work by now and we'd be well on our way to getting hammered up the street. But alas, the backslide into a tumultuous relationship with my ex-boyfriend dial up has begun......I hope you're happy.

P.S. - I'll still dream about you when I'm sleeping.

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