Wednesday, April 27, 2005

back on the west coast

Just got back from a week long trip to Florida, and I was greeted in the familiar LA style. Wolf whistles from a passing truck. Seriously? All it made me do is wish I hadn't worn a tank top on my walk down to the Sev.

Florida was great. I saw my folks. We played bocce. Saw the sun set over the lake. Ate 4.5 meals a day. Drank gallons of milk. Answered a ton of embarrassing questions about my personal life. Whenever I visit my parents at their retirement village, I usually get carded when purchasing lottery tickets. Apparently 30 can be mistaken for 17 if the clerk is over 65. Some man asked my dad if I was his granddaughter. When I told him I was 30, he asked why I wasn't married with kids already. I bet my parents wonder the same thing. Odds are they have a sneaking suspicion that T$ and I are life partners. I sat next to this woman from Sacramento on the plane, and we chatted the entire 5 hour flight home. She asked for my number, so I guess I could be good at it if I ever decided to switch teams. eh.

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