Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Vegas recap aka How loving Barry Manilow almost killed me

Where to start? With the Hottie McHot young Airforce buck sitting next to me on the plane who thought I was 25? Bless his heart. Or the drinking at poolside beginning at 10am? Or possibly when 2 of my friends quite nearly got arrested when they asked an undercover cop where to find a hooker so that they could score some drugs?

aaah Vegas.....We ate in some fancy restaurants. Rode in a limo. Got escourted right into the Ghostbar even though the line was 3 hours long. The first night, we dressed all fancy girl-like and went to see Cirque Du Soleil's "O" at the Bellagio. It. Was. Just. Beautiful. Made me want to take a yoga class. But wait. The piece de resistance.......Barry Manilow at the Las Vegas Hilton. That's right. Music and Passion. Let me tell you, his live performance of "Mandy" seriously made me cry. It started with a video screen on which was projected a 70's version of himself behind a piano singing the song. Then the real live Barry himself rolled out on stage behind a white piano singing along. So young Barry and old Barry were essentially doing a "Mandy" duet. Stunning. Here comes the part where I almost met my demise. Later in the show, Barry comes right out over the audience on a catwalk, and you start to hear some familiar percussion. Dun dunka dun dun dun dunka dun. Bam bam bamm bamm bamm bam bam bam bam bam......"Her name was Lola....." The crowd went WILD. Everyone was on their feet shaking their asses holding up green glow sticks. It was like a drug-induced rave. We were seated 1st row balcony so Barry was just a few feet from us on the catwalk. It was then that I noticed it. The shaking. I was dancing myself, so it took a beat to sink in but the balcony was most definitely moving. Not just a little bit. My friend next to me noticed as well. "Is this balcony shaking?" "Oh shit. You feel it too?" Then I saw all the stage lights which hung on the outside of the balcony chattering under the force of a few hundred rabid Barry Manilow fans jumping to the music. I could picture the headlines. My poor parents who would have to read about my death by collapsing balcony and crushing by middle aged Manilow fans. Oh the horror. I actually plotted an escape route that included hurdling a half wall and scaling the inside of the auditorium. Thankfully it didn't come to that, and I arrived safely home in LA a little tired, a bit hung over, but not much worse for wear.

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