Thursday, June 16, 2005

Oi, my head hurts

Hey Louie, is that how you spell Oi…Oye…Oy? My ancestors only taught me how to spell beer and whiskey. Anyway, last evening was one of those adult entertainment evenings you always figured you’d have eventually when you got older. No, I’m not talking about strippers and porn. I mean good food, good wine, good friends. It was like something out of The Big Chill – the scent from the kitchen smacked me in the face as soon as I walked in the door. Seconds later, two very friendly Dalmatians pounced on me and the night had begun. There must have been hundreds of candles inside and out. Dozens of bottles of wine were poured. There were mussels, papadon, curry chicken, potatoes. Salad was served after the mail course. Then, fruit tart. More wine and quiet backyard conversation accented by the evening’s soundtrack spilling through the French doors out onto the patio. But my head hurts today. Oy.

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