Monday, February 06, 2006

Fast Track to SuperCrank

My Gaaaaah! I am soooo cranky today. Voicemail at work is not functioning this morning so I can't get my messages from the weekend. There's someone in my office who is the LOUDEST LOUD TALKER I've heard. EVER. The telephone has a microphone in the handset. Really. You don't need to scream into it.

You know what else cranks me out? The fact that dude from a few months ago resurrected himself this weekend. dude. the ship has sailed. I told you to make your move before I left town in November. you didn't. you lose.

Wow. I AM cranky.

btw - hot date was great, but it was 4 days ago so it can't help my mood now. Perhaps T$'s uterus is to blame for all this crank....

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