Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You're still here?

This site is slowly going away, at least my posts on this site are. I'm migrating them all over to my new home and the only way to keep track was to delete them once I got them over there.

Allie's will remain here as long as she wants them to, but mine can now be found at Awkwardly Social except for random posts here and there that I decided to just delete outright. I know you're sad. If you want to only look at the stuff I did while I wrote here the link to the category is this one, but really, everything I wrote before February 2006 would be from here.

I loved this blog and it was a great home, but at a certain point we all just have to pack up our shit and move on, you know?

I hope you last few hold outs who come here are doing well.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More to come

Hi Everyone!

All good things come to an end. I didn't know it would be quite this abrupt over here at T and A, but that's life in the fast lane.

Most of you remember back in December when I talked about leaving this blog because Allie hadn't been posting in a while and it felt weird for me to write on a site that was named after us. So, back then, I looked around for other options. Typepad seemed like the shiny new thing, the interface looked and felt like a grown-up Mac, and since I had been wanting to shape up the design side of T and A for a long time, but didn't know how, I decided that if I did break up with T and A, I would go over there. So, I signed up, got a little site going, and.....didn't post anything. I was so used to blogger that I just let my free period over there lapse and then, as all good pay for services do, I started getting charged. If I've learned anything in my 30 years on this planet, it's that if you're getting charged for something, you best be using it. (My gym membership for 3 years....) So, I put up a few posts. Then, of course, Allie came back here.

In the interim, I have been training for a marathon, writing a screenplay, trying to improve my life by reading self-help books (gag. I know), working through my 101 in 1001 list and generally wearing myself a bit thin. So when it came time to write over here, I was feeling a bit tapped out. The quality of my writing here suffered for it, and I apologize for that.

The past couple of weeks instead of opening up on this site, I've been blogging quietly at Awkwardly Social. A couple of people knew about it, Louie-because I tell him everything, my sister-ditto and Cats-because I'm always trying to impress her for some reason. I wasn't sure how to make the transition over there, and didn't really think I would do it full time. I actually didn't really think much about the transition at all. Some things, like All about my ass felt more like an Awkwardly Social post, whereas This is why a woman can never be President of the United States felt more like a T and A post. Things were getting fuzzy, because Why we Lie seems sort of like an Awkwardly Social post, but it ended up here, and Mood Music more T and A, but I posted it there. Like I said, I didn't really plan this out, but it didn't feel like such a big deal because... no one was really reading the other blog.

Writing for me has always been an amazing way to get the voices in my head that are in a constant cacaphony - whether they guffaw, whisper, scream, belittle, giggle, encourage, enrage or excite me - out of my head and onto their own little piece of real estate. I'm not as brilliant as I'd like to be, but writing has always given me a way to let 'the smart girl,' or 'the bold girl,' or 'the smart ass girl' and most often 'the bitchy girl' have a place to let it all out. Blogging has given me the added joy (ick, that sounds so super sappy) of hearing what people have to say back to all of those voices. Comments are the best gift any writer can get, I mean that. (Next to chocolate, orgasms and cold hard cash... I guess.) What I'm waxing prophetic about is this: I won't stop blogging, I won't stop writing. Probably not ever.

If you want to join me over at Awkwardly Social, I'd love to have you. I'll be doing more of the same over there, the only real difference will be now you'll get to see me age 8-ish in a cute cowboy hat, with super freckles. Every day! Until I change the picture. My archives will slowly move over there, but they will always remain here.

I'm so fucking fortunate to have met all of you, whether it be in actual real life, or via e-mail or just stalking you through your blogs. You have changed my life and therefore my writing. You are the ice in my vodka tonic. Or the lemon. Or maybe the stirrer. You certainly aren't the vodka... alright? I am definitely the vodka. I'm just trying to say that I love you.

Blog on.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The End of T and A

it's here....

Don't cry folks, you knew it was coming. Aside from my recent flurry of activity, I really stopped posting over a year ago. Soon I'll be going out of town again for a substantial period of time. And T$ is posting elsewhere, so this site will go dark.

Thanks for giving me a place to write my thoughts for public consumption in 2004 and bits of '05/'06.

signing off,

Monday, February 06, 2006

Fast Track to SuperCrank

My Gaaaaah! I am soooo cranky today. Voicemail at work is not functioning this morning so I can't get my messages from the weekend. There's someone in my office who is the LOUDEST LOUD TALKER I've heard. EVER. The telephone has a microphone in the handset. Really. You don't need to scream into it.

You know what else cranks me out? The fact that dude from a few months ago resurrected himself this weekend. dude. the ship has sailed. I told you to make your move before I left town in November. you didn't. you lose.

Wow. I AM cranky.

btw - hot date was great, but it was 4 days ago so it can't help my mood now. Perhaps T$'s uterus is to blame for all this crank....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Aw hell,

it's only 5:00pm....

I'm such a girl

Can't concentrate at work today. At. All. That's because there's a fine young gentleman who will be cooking dinner for me tonight. It's 11:02a. Can't it be 7:00p already??? dammmmmit!

I have nothing more to say today. Don't expect me to be productive, witty, charming or a loyal employee when all I can think about is my hot date.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The text message I got just now

So, I'm in the middle of a meeting - a pow wow session, you could say - and my phone makes this familiar sound: beep BEep BEEP. There are six other people in the room at the time so Professional Allie says "Just ignore it. Do not look at that text. Do not even pull your phone out of your bag." But non-Professional Allie has a quick battle of wills with Professional Allie and wins. I get this text from my friend in the ATL:

I work with a guy. His name is hardik. He he.

Yeah. She's 31. And I burst into titters in the middle of the meeting.

I especially like #10

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Allie!

  1. Over 46,000 pieces of Allie float on every square mile of ocean!
  2. US gold coins used to say 'In Allie we trust'!
  3. By tradition, a girl standing under Allie cannot refuse to be kissed by anyone who claims the privilege!
  4. Allie will always turn right when leaving a cave.
  5. The smelly fluid secreted by skunks is colloquially known as Allie.
  6. The most dangerous form of Allie is the bicycle.
  7. All shrimp are born as Allie, but gradually mature into females.
  8. You can tell if Allie has been hard-boiled by spinning her. If she stands up, she is hard-boiled!
  9. If you break Allie, you will get seven years of bad luck.
  10. Grapes explode if you put them inside Allie.
I am interested in - do tell me about

Monday, January 30, 2006

Shut Up!

At some point during the Big Clean on Saturday, T$ and I started shouting at each other. Because it's funny. It went something like this:
A: Can you grab that trash bag?
T: Shut Up.
A: You Shut Up!
T: No, You Shut Up!
(at this point we're outside the apartment and on the street)
A: Shut Up. I Hate You.
A: Well, MOVE OUT then!!!

Our neighbors must think we're insane and/or 14 years old.

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