Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You're still here?

This site is slowly going away, at least my posts on this site are. I'm migrating them all over to my new home and the only way to keep track was to delete them once I got them over there.

Allie's will remain here as long as she wants them to, but mine can now be found at Awkwardly Social except for random posts here and there that I decided to just delete outright. I know you're sad. If you want to only look at the stuff I did while I wrote here the link to the category is this one, but really, everything I wrote before February 2006 would be from here.

I loved this blog and it was a great home, but at a certain point we all just have to pack up our shit and move on, you know?

I hope you last few hold outs who come here are doing well.

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